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Basic Things To Do After Bitten By A Dog?

It is observed that millions of people are bitten by dogs every year for a lot of reasons. As the dog bite injuries bear important medical, financial and legal consequences, therefore it is very important to know about the basic things to do after bitten by a dog. There are certain steps to take, but what to do depends upon the situations, harshness, and severity of the injury.

Following are some important steps to be taken after bitten by a dog.

  1. Medical Care:

You must immediately seek medical help irrespective of the severity and harshness of the wounds. It is noted that some dogs are not vaccinated against rabies, therefore, puncture wounds are more prone to infection. It is also recommended you to take pictures of the wounds before treatment in order to substantiate your claim of dog bite injury.

  1. Exchange of information:

Likewise, you must also share and exchange information with the caretaker or owner of the dog. You must also inquire about the vaccination history of the dog. Additionally, the information should include the name and address of the person.

  1. Information about the witnesses:

It is very important to get the contact number, address and other relevant information of the witness of the incident. The information of the witness is equally important for the owner of the dog and for the person who was a victim of the dog bite injury. The information of the eyewitness is important if there is a need for a lawsuit or an insurance claim. Therefore, the eyewitness can provide the more accurate picture of the incident.

  1. Complain to animal control agency:

Moreover, it is very important to file a report with your local animal control agency, because such report will help you to prevent future dog bites. Likewise, their investigation into the case will also be very helpful for your own case.

Keep remember that if you follow these initial steps, then the process of coming to a fair agreement regarding compensation will be very easy and helpful for you.

  1. Documentation of a dog bite:

Moreover, documentation is also an important element of the basic things to do after a dog bite. You must document all the injuries associated with the bite. These may include visible and non-visible injuries. Effects of the injuries, pain, decreased immobility, and inability to perform certain functions are also necessary to report. The documentation of these injuries may be in the form of journal entries, photos, medical records and all other written records. Moreover, you must report all the circumstances and the events which are associated with that event.

  1. Contact to a dog bite Attorney:

After following all of the above steps, you must not forget contact to a dog bite attorney. Since there are many incidents of this types, therefore, there are attorneys with extensive experience handling dog bite insurance claims, lawsuits and settlements. For more information follow this link  These lawyers are rich in experience to deal with dog bite injury claims. They will also guide you how much chances of your success are there in your claim of injury.

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