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Clinical Negligence Causing Hiv

AIDS is such as a cluster of diseases which destroys the human’s immune system. The virus responsible for causing AIDS is HIV (Human Immuno Deficiency Virus). Despite the great knowledge and advance treatment, no vaccine has been prepared against this devastating virus. The late diagnosis of HIV results in serious and fatal consequences.

Let us have a glimpse of the clinical negligences causing HIV:

Delay in Treatment of HIV:

The failure or delay in HIV diagnosis is the major clinical negligence. The early the diagnosis would be, the earlier the treatment would begin which enhances the life expectancy and also leads to the better quality of life suffering from HIV infection.

Receiving treatment from Infected Person:

If the person who is suffering from the HIV infection is carrying out the dentistry or surgery then he is risking your life by transmitting this fatal syndrome to you. Suh negligence should be prevented. The patient never knows that the person from whom he is seeking treatment is HIV infected or not. The treatment is always taken by considering the medical staff to be perfectly fit in all aspects. The medically fit doctor should treat the patient else the life of the patient is at extreme risk.

Receiving of blood, organ or semen from HIV infected person:

It is mandatory in many cities such as Orlando, Miami etc to screen the semen, blood, and organ before donations. It is a common practice to perform screening but the failure or poor results showing that the donor is not infected may result in transmission of HIV. The error occasionally occurs when the person who is HIV positive has recently got the infection. In this case, 100% accurate result may not be obtained during screening. Medical malpractice or negligence would result in transplanting the organ of such infected person. The use of unsterilized syringe or needle during the treatment would also cause this disaster.

Transmission of HIV to Baby:

The failure in management would result in transferring of HIV to the baby particularly in case of labor and pregnancy. An HIV positive mother can give birth to a healthy baby having no HIV. It is possible when the doctor and midwives give her necessary precautionary measures. Such precaution may include the administration of anti-HIV drugs during her period of pregnancy. Besides this, it may also include giving the anti-HIV drug to the baby for few months after birth, carefully managed delivery and no breastfeeding by the infected mother. The failure of following such precautions would result in clinical negligence leading to AIDS.

LAW for Clinical Negligence:

Any person who injures or damage the healthy person either by transferring the virus to him or by malpractice is a criminal. He is risking the lives of other and would lead to incurable disease AIDS.The Percy Martin Law Firm would help the victim. Our lawyers are highly professional who would go in the depth of scenario and would bring justice for you. In the eyes of the law, every criminal should be punished and justice should be granted to the victim. A negligence destroying the other lives is surely not forgivable. Get the justice or compensation or both by giving our lawyers to fight for the right.

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