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Common Misconceptions About Auto Accidents

It’s not unusual for victims of automobile accidents to be confused, overwhelmed and stressed. They make mistakes while handling the situation because of misconceptions regarding car accidents, auto injuries, and the procedures for handling the situation. Some of the common misconceptions that arise after an auto accident are mentioned as under:

Grant of Compensation in all cases

It is not necessary that compensation is always guaranteed after an auto accident. After any accident, people think that they will be granted compensation no matter what. However, there is a chance that this may not turn out to be true. If your case is one in which compensation should be given, the insurance company reviews the case. The confirming legal process takes time and you will have to wait longer than you think.

Police report in different cases

A police report is another requirement for eligibility of compensation. In some cases, a detailed police report is prepared, while in others, only minimal basic information has to be included. In cases where the report has to be basic, information like the conditions at the time of the accident should be essentially provided. The weather and road conditions may make such information valuable. Visibility, conditions of the traffic, destruction to vehicles, and destruction to fixtures and buildings also form part of the basic information.

The need for hiring an auto accident attorney

Another misconception is that getting help from a lawyer might not be necessary. However, hiring an attorney can be in the best interest of the plaintiff. The initial consultation and accident review provided by some attorneys is free of cost. The initial consultation may include advice about the legal rights. It would not be a discussion about whether hiring an attorney would prove helpful to you or not.

The case of hitting a vehicle from the rear

Hitting a vehicle from the rear will always be considered your fault is another major misconception. This may not be considered as your fault in some cases. For example, if the driver of the car in front of yours decides to bang its brake without a valid reason, then the collision will not be your fault. Also, if a vehicle appears in front of you all of a sudden and you end up hitting it from the rear, it won’t be your fault. There are specific conditions and actions that are required to be considered when it comes to decide the responsibility of the collision. Therefore, consulting a car accident lawyer in Fresno may prove useful.

Expense of Legal Representation

Some people believe that the legal representation that they need to seek is very expensive. This may not always be the case. There are attorneys who are specialized in auto accident cases and work on a contingency fee basis. Pay on contingency means that the plaintiff is not required to pay any fee up front. The attorney takes his share from the compensation that is granted by the court at the end of the trail. If the plaintiff fails to win the case, the attorney does not take his fee.

Get in touch with an experienced car accident attorney to clear away any further misconceptions you may have.

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