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Defective Tires Are Often Deadly

About 250 million passenger cars, trucks and SUVs crowd our roadways in the United States. This means more than a billion tires keep these vehicles moving. It also means more than one billion opportunities for defective tire accidents each and every day of the week.

Tires fulfill an important function on any motor vehicle. They support the people inside the passenger compartment, as well as the vehicle itself. When a tire blows out, accidents often have catastrophic results. If you suffer tire blowout on your car, truck or SUV and injury occurred, you need the expert help of a defective tire auto accident lawyer.

Your Phoenix personal injury lawyer uses experience, knowledge and investigative skill to find the precise cause of your tire blowout accident. Negligent parties owe you compensation for your damages and your personal injury lawyer helps you achieve that goal.

Your Tire Blowout Accident Requires a Tire Investigation

Through a tire investigation, the precise cause of your tire blowout accident comes to light. These investigations often require expert witnesses and people with extensive knowledge in these specific types of accidents. Your personal injury and auto accident lawyers seeks many answers as part of the investigation. Questions about your tire blowout accident include:

  • Tire history
  • Recalls
  • Defects
  • Over-wear or overuse
  • Tire mounting service and timeframe
  • Manufacturing date
  • Failure history of the tire model
  • Damage resulting from the crash
  • Cause of the accident

Why Tire Blowouts Cause Accidents

Tire failure causes many problems that lead to terrible accidents. First and foremost, the vehicle immediately loses control when the tire explodes. This causes the vehicle to veer into traffic, spin, roll over, hit other vehicles, or drive off the roadway. In the accidents, people inside the car often suffer injuries. The same is true for other vehicle drivers, their passengers or pedestrians on the street.

Importance of a Thorough Tire Blowout Investigation

A tire blowout is a major part failure on your car or other vehicle. So these accidents require your personal injury lawyer’s close attention and thorough investigation. This means your lawyer spends their own money, time and other resources to figure out your accident’s causes. So you need a personal injury and auto accident lawyer with the financial resources, expert witnesses and investigative connections needed to come to accurate conclusions.

Some expert witnesses used in tire blowout accidents include:

  • Accident investigations and reconstruction experts
  • Tire designers
  • Tire manufacturers
  • Materials scientists
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Biomechanical engineers
  • Computer experts
  • Legal process experts

Your accident’s physical evidence must also be correctly acquired, maintained and handled to ensure the court allows entry into evidence.

What a Tire Blowout Investigation Considers

During your tire blowout investigation, your personal injury and auto accident lawyer considers multiple factors, as do case investigators and experts. These important tire blowout factors include:

  • Whether the tire was recalled or known defects should have led to recall
  • Aging of your tire, for deterioration, drying, decomposition or detreading
  • Defects in the tire, such as tread separation from poor design, manufacturing, aging or contamination

Being injured in an auto accident is a traumatic, life changing experience. If your vehicle’s tire blew out or otherwise contributed to your car accident, you need the expert help of an auto accident attorney.

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