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Everyone Loves All-Terrain Vehicles (Atvs), Until They Get Hurt

All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) have grown in popularity since the first models were built for work and recreation. Newer models boast better safety than ATVs of the past. But these easy-to-operate vehicles also easily lead to personal injury.

ATVs are Used All Over Arizona

Workers in many fields throughout the state of Arizona use ATVs as part of their daily work requirements. These industries of ATV use include construction, farming/agriculture, forestry, landscaping and property management. Law enforcement officers often use ATVs, as do the military and search and rescue units.

Of course, recreational pursuits benefit from ATV use. Hunters, fishermen, off-roaders and racing enthusiasts often turn to ATVs for their adventures. ATVs also work well for people with large yards to manage around their homes. Homeowners frequently use ATVs for snow plowing, raking leaves, cutting grass and other property maintenance.

Chances are, as an Arizona resident you know at least one person with an ATV. While these machines are fun, they also present high potential for injury or death. When these ATV accidents occur, a personal injury lawyer helps the victim or their family gain the compensation they need and deserve. This compensation includes payment of medical expenses, pain and suffering, disability, funeral costs, lost wages and other costs of the accident.

ATV Accident and Injury Statistics

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) tracks accident and injury statistics for ATVs, just as they do for other vehicles, machinery and products. According to the CPSC, statistics of ATV accidents include:

  • In 2015, 97,200 people visited hospital ERs because of ATV accidents
  • 28 percent of the 2015 hospital visits above were injuries involving children under age 16
  • 564 adults die while riding ATVs in a given year, with 123 children also being killed on these vehicles each year
  • 33 percent of ATV fatalities occur on paved ground
  • More ATV accidents occur in July, versus the other 11 months
  • Injuries of ATV victims include:
    • Head and neck injuries – 29 percent
    • Arm injuries – 29 percent
    • Torso injuries – 21 percent
    • Leg injuries – 20 percent
    • Other types of injury – 1 percent

When an ATV Accident Occurs, Who Is Liable?

Determining liability for an ATV accident is often difficult. Scenarios of liability include:

  • Collison between two ATVs may be one ATV rider’s fault, with that person being liable for the accident and injuries
  • Having permission to ride your ATV on someone else’s property can lead to accident because of dangers you do not know of, such as low-hanging clotheslines, fencing, large holes or other obstacles, often making the property owner liable for the accident and injuries
  • When trails are designated by land management agencies as appropriate for ATV use, an accident occurring because of improper maintenance of that trail makes the trail owner or manager possibly liable
  • When an ATV malfunctions due to design, manufacturing or defective parts, the companies responsible for the design, manufacturing or specific parts may be liable
  • When your accident or injuries occur because the ATV owner did not maintain the vehicle properly, then that ATV owner may be liable

As you can see, many scenarios of potential liability exist in these accidents and injuries. Sometimes one accident or injury even occurs because of more than one party’s negligence.

You Need an Experienced ATV Accident Personal Injury Lawyer

When you face bills and other costs of an ATV accident, you need an ATV accident personal injury lawyer. This lawyer investigates the true cause of your accident, discovering who holds liability for your injuries and other costs.

An ATV accident lawyer also handles communications with the insurance company involved in your case. The insurance company, even when it is your own insurer, works hard to avoid paying victims what they are truly owed. Profitability of these companies is based on fighting injury and property damage claims. Your lawyer stands up strong for you, using experience, skill, knowledge and reputation to help you receive the full amount you deserve.

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