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Infant Wrongful Death In Tampa

The most joyful event in every couple’s life is their child’s birth. Indeed, this blessing fills them with a sense of extreme pleasure and immense gratefulness. Sometimes, it terribly goes wrong as the infant dies either before birth or shortly after. Nothing can be more painful than hearing that your baby did not survive. Such undesirable incidents can be prevented if many of the infant wrongful death causing factors and negligence of nurses, doctors or poorly administrated hospitals are focused to control properly.

What is Infant wrongful Death?

The infant wrongful death is a medical terminology which is characterized by the death of the infant due to birth injuries, medical negligence, carelessness, poor administration of hospital or complication of delivery that could have been prevented if proper care and medical attention were provided.

Law and infant wrongful death in Tampa:

According to the law, the infant wrongful death is a painful grief which is indeed a crime in case of negligence. Surely, reporting the case to the jury or court does not bring back the precious asset of one’s life, but one can get the variable amount of consolation and justice.

Medical Malpractice Leading to Infant Wrongful Death in Tampa:

There are enormous reasons that may lead to infant wrongful death. Among these, one of the most common factors is medical malpractice where the direct actions of hospital or healthcare providers lead to this tragedy, mainly happens to the poor safety procedures.

The medical malpractice may occur as an outcome of various factors. Some of these causes are given as:

  • Delivery Trauma
  • Illness and infection acquired in hospital’s NICU neonatal intensive care unit
  • Negligence of medical staff in alerting the doctor about fetal issues
  • Wrong dosage
  • Incorrect medication
  • Administrating wrong medication or incorrect dosage to the pregnant mother at labor time.

Birth Injuries Leading to Infant Wrongful Death:

The infant wrongful death in Tampa can be an outcome of various birth injuries. The carelessness by the obstetrician and other medical personnel are involved in such incidents. Most common of these are given as;


The principal cause of birth injuries is hypoxia or oxygen deprivation which may lead to many birth injuries like cerebral palsy. The nurses and doctor have to be alert in the delivery room and should take proper medical assistance when the baby seems to be not getting enough oxygen during the breath. Hypoxia death is often a result of problems with the placenta, wrapping of umbilical cord around infant’s neck or the stress of labor. Doctors need to act quickly and avoid the excessive pulling while taking the baby out as it would result in other birth injuries like Klumpke’s palsy, shoulder dystocia etc.

Reduced Bood Flow:

The infant wrongful death occurs as an outcome of hindrance or reduction of the blood circulation during the labor.  It is because the heart did not remain efficient enough to pump blood to the body. The doctors can avoid this situation with a bit carefulness and their skills.

Traumatic Injuries:

Various traumatic injuries during trauma may prove fatal for infant such as Antepartum hemorrhage during pregnancy, Eclampsia, Placenta previa, Uterine rupture, Placental abruption Eclampsia, Untreated newborn jaundice, Spinal cord damage, Kernicterus. The nervous and inexperienced obstetrician worsen the emergency condition or may injure the baby with a vacuum extractor or forceps.


Value the life of your infants by choosing the best health care providers and ensure the kicking out of this drastic scenario. Avoiding such painful experience is possible if the notorious factors causing infant wrongful death are eradicated.

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