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When To Look For Delray Beach Accident Lawyers?

Auto accidents can happen even in a tropical paradise like Delray Beach.  While you can handle an auto accident case and file a claim with the other party’s insurer, it doesn’t always mean that you can get a fair settlement.  This is where Delray Beach accident lawyers can help you as they’ve seen all the tricks that insurance firms use to lowball their insurance offers.

Why hire a Delray Beach accident attorney?

Here’s an open secret about insurance firms— these companies will want to minimize their costs by offering low insurance offers, if not denying the claims of their insured parties.

These firms, thus, will try to use all the tricks in the book to achieve that goal. Others will deny the claim saying that it was not the insured party’s fault. In cases wherein the insured party is blatantly at fault, insurance companies will try everything to make it appear that you were also partly liable for the auto accident.

It is during these scenarios where a Delray Beach accident attorney will be of assistance. The legal professional can back up your claim by investigating the case and ensuring that the insurance company or the at-fault party won’t be able to raise other factors that can deny your claim.

The lawyer can even negotiate with the insurer on your behalf, freeing you from stress that can worsen the emotional and mental pain you are likely suffering after the accident. And in case you were unfortunately injured, the lawyer will advocate that you get a fair compensation to cover your hospitalization and loss of income.

You should also know that most accident lawyers in Delray Beach offer free consultations so there’s nothing to lose if you meet with one. Moreover, these professionals will only get paid if they win your case.

What will a Delray Beach accident lawyer do to help you?

Most of the time, a Delray Beach law firm will draft a demand letter to the insurer detailing your side of the story and indicating the amount of the vehicle damage as well as the bodily injuries, if such is the case. The letter will also explain why the other party is at fault.

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